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  • Data monetization made easy

    for native Android apps

    Monetize all your existing mobile users,

    and turn anonymized data into recurring revenues

    Use the light SDK with minimal footprint,

    to request transparent permissions: location/ apps installed

    Get paid on regular-basis,

    request payments through the platform

  • Our technology collects anonymized raw data in a privacy-compliant environment


    No impact on your app,

    In-app user experience remains 100% the same!

  • How can you get the highest recurring revenue?

    We're working hard to make it happen

    We connect your data anonymously to multiple partners through our platform. Instead of integrating dozens of monetization SDKs, you only use Predicio. We're doing the job and pushing your data automatically to all partners interested in users from every country

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  • A 10 min-integration!

    with no change on UX


    Add the SDK (<10min)




    Enable user opt-in




    Data collected anonymously




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  • You're in control, easy activation button: On/Off

    User opt-in opt-out any time

  • User privacy: our priority

    we're based in Europe, that's a big deal here!

    User double opt-in

    Transparency regarding data

    Anonymized data

    Google Play, App Store and GDPR-compliant

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